Embers Robotics

Home of Team 7583

Roboting in the garage

We continue working on the control system placement on the drive base. Everyone is happy with the design so we cut a base board and cable tied all components in and then wire up as much as we can. We are constrained somewhat by tools and wire connectors. We also discover we do not have the correct crimper for the battery so will need to visit PB’s workshop this afternoon to borrow the correct crimping tool. Unfortunately PB did not have the correct tool either but lent us a battery that is already wired up.

But Eureka, one of our parents has the correct crimper.

We are building!

We have been busily building since the launch of this season’s FRC Season. The Elonera Embers Rookie season officially in full swing. Spending days 1-3 with Mentor Team 5985 Projecct Bucephalus we learned the game rules, did some early strategy and started working on our mechanism prototypes.

The drive base work commenced and our robot now has power! Considering we are starting from scratch we think this is a pretty good place to be.

We prepared for our first Holiday Robotics camp, aiming to make it the most fun and educational experience for students aged 6-9.

We get to move into our new home at the school this week and are looking forward to learning how to program the basic functions of the robot and to make our mechanisms come to life. The support from the FRC community has been amazing with teams from North America reaching out to assist and mentors from across Australia answering our noob questions.

As a small team each of us has many hats to wear and so much to learn, but we still have our energy up. We also now have a new logo! Thanks Josh, you really helped.

If you’d like to help out, with expertise, tools or much needed $ to fund tools and equipment we would love to hear from you.


Embers 7583 FRC team members joined team 5985 Project Bucephalus for their Off-Kick event launching the 2019 Destination: Deep Space FRC Season. Anticipating the early morning launch time to discover this season’s challenge, the team stayed awake until 3.30am.

We can’t wait to get started!

Jellywhales scored PB in robot game at Nationals

The Elonera Jellywhales FIRST Lego League team scored a personal best in the robot game at the national competition at Macquarie Uni over the weekend of 8-9 December 2018. It was a tough competition and the robot definitely did not like the field table and took 2 round to settle in but came good on the 3rd run to score an all time high of 160 points. Congratulations to the team and all the competitors at the event.

Twilight Robots

A big thanks to everyone who visited the Embers Robotics as part of the Twilight Market. All the robots and students appeared to have a great time and there was much dancing and interest by parents and students alike.  The First Robotics Competition (FRC) and First Lego League (FLL) teams hosted the First League League Jr (FLL Jr) Expo and we saw the FLL Jr students showcasing their Mission Moon projects and posters to the reviewers.  Both FLL Jr teams put in stellar efforts and the reviewers were extremely impressed by the calibre of the entries and the enthusiasm conveyed by both teams.  We were lucky enough to have robots from all four FIRST programs on display, with visiting robots from Wollongong teams Project Bucephalus and Gong Invaders being demonstrated, as well as this year’s FLL teams showcasing some of their Mindstorms robots on the Into Orbit field.  A big thank you to Josh Reid who organised and funded our amazing new banner, which will get a work out this weekend at the FLL National Championships at Macquarie University, where the Elonera Jellywhales will be competing. Also thanks to Natasha Debsieh who designed the banner and gathered all the photos. Our FRC team now has an official name “Embers” but we still need sponsors, who potentially can get naming rights on the team shirts. If you know of anyone who may be interested in sponsoring, benefitting from great exposure to students and tech industry leaders, please let us know. We also are still seeking contributions of tools to build our FRC robot – drills, drill bits, hex keys, spanners, sockets etc. If you have excess tools or tools that are no longer needed we can put them to good use. Donate your “old” ones to us and Santa may bring you some new and shiny tools for Christmas. 🙂 Just a reminder Elonera Montessori Robotics will be running a 1 day January Robocamp Jr vacation program, designed for Stage 2 students, which  will run on 16th January 2019. Places are filling fast with only a only a few places left.  We expect to run this program every school holidays. Embers Robotics programs are run by parent volunteers and funded by the efforts of the parents and students. We are currently participating in a fundraising effort run by the Greater Bank where we can potentially win $2000. We need as many votes as possible, so please vote for us at greater.com/latest-offers/greater-illawarra.  Voting is open until 19th December and you can vote every hour.  Please share on your social media and get family and friends involved. All money is used to fund tools and equipment to support the Embers Robotics team activities.