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We are well into the 2024 season Crescendo and having a great time working on our robot.

It’s pretty hot and steamy inside the workshop so taking plenty of zooper dooper breaks have become a signature thing to do !!

The seasons event starts on 15th March out at Windsor so we don’t have too much time left to get our robot completed!


Wow what a season we have had this year!!!

We firstly competed in the Southern Cross FRC event at the WEC in March. We did amazingly well, but unfortunately got knocked out in the play-offs. We ended up being alliance captain 5 partnering with  our alliance partners DropBears and Koalafied. We all worked exceptionally well together (triple balance on the charge station multiple times – woo-hoo).

Our robot got another great run in May at the Duel Down Under up at MQU. 

Great weekend for our rookie driver team and some of our younger students who did us proud making it all the way to the grand final. Big thanks to our alliance partners (Bossely Park Wolfgang and RoboRebels). The most exciting part was watching Alliance 4 (us) knock out Alliance 1. You don’t see that happening often!

We then  attended the Melbourne Robotics Tournament (MRT) on the first weekend in July –  what an event!!

Despite sitting in 2nd position for most of the tournament and being 2nd alliance captain it was once again not our weekend to bring home the trophy.  The team were amazing, so professional and showed impressive dedication, passion and kindness.  Big thanks to our alliance partners, teams 4537 (Roboroos from SA), 9144 (Helix from Vic)  & 9991 (Melb Girls College from Vic).

We are finishing off the season with an off-season scrimmage event in September with 2 Embers robots in action.

The team can’t wait!!!

Our outreach has also  been going off in 2023, with us being able to concentrate on partnering with Careways Koonawarra & Thirroul, Para Meadows School, Port Kembla Youth Program and Bellambi Neighbourhood Centre to offer free classes for marginalised students across the Illawarra. 


7583 Embers competed at the Southern Cross FRC event at the WEC on 11-13th March. We ended up being alliance captain 5 which was very exciting, but unfortunately we did get knocked out in the semi-finals coming up against the very strong alliance of 4613 (Barker Redbacks), 6510 (Pymble Pride) and 5876 (Artemis). This very strong alliance ended up winning the competition, so a big congratulations to them for a great event. We took home the Entrepreneurship Award which was exciting.

Although we love our current workshop at the TAFE and are eternally gratefully to Team 5985 for allowing us to use part of their space, our team is bulging at the seams with 16 students and an all time record of 6 female students. It is an exciting time for us as we are growing and maturing, but means that we are now limited as we have outgrown our current space.

If you have, or know of a space that we can use as a workshop in the Wollongong area (ideally free of charge) please get in touch. 

We are starting to prepare for Duel Down Under (DDU)  to be held in May and our enthusiasm levels are still high.


The Infinite Recharge season is being replayed in 2021 due to the fact that COVID meant most teams didn’t get to participate in any events in 2020. We have decided to build a brand new robot for 2021 even though we are super proud of Milly, our 2020 robot.  Our build is going really well and or new robot (Milly2) is performing well so far. This is what we hope it will look like when it is complete.

We are still working hard at outreach and have been back working with our friends at Para Meadows since Term 4 2020 every Friday morning. It is the highlight of our week. We are also running after school classes every Tuesday at the TAFE and every Thursday at Thirroul Public School. Get in touch with us via our Contact Us page if you are interested in joining our classes.


We  started our build for the 2020 season “Infinite Recharge”  well  and  made a great robot that we were really proud of. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 all competitions for 2020 were cancelled so we did not get a chance to see how well our robot would have performed.  This was disappointing for everyone, but we have learned so much this year and can see how far we have come in such a short period of time. We have just started to get back into the workshop after a 3 month lockout and have already started training and planning for the new season.

We are now a classified as a veteran team as this is our 2nd year and we have increased our team number from 6 to 18.

In 2020 we  continued with our  outreach running holidays robotics programs and after school robotics for our own school and Thirroul Public School, unfortunately these were cut short in March due to COVID-19, as was our planned workshops for students from the Wollongong Disability Trust (to be held in May) and our workshop with the PKYP.  We also had to cut short our weekly robotics programs for our friends at Para Meadows school but we hope to reboot all of these programs as soon as we are able.

We also have a couple of other outreach activities lined up that are very exciting!


In 2019  we  competed in the Southern Cross Regional tournament held in Sydney on March 10-12th 2019 and were part of the winning alliance, winning a place through to the Championships in Houston. We competed in Houston in April 2019 thanks to the amazing generosity of our sponsors (we can’t thank you enough!) and all team members were in awe at the calibre of robots and the sheer number of teams.

We  also  competed at Duel Down Under at Macquarie University 26-28th July 2019 and came a respectable 8th and were the 5th Alliance captain, getting knocked out in the semi-finals. It was a great experience, particularly for our 5 new “rookie” students.

We have been busy in the off-season with Outreach and training. 

We have been running junior robotics programs using the Wedo 2.0 kits for our school community, Thirroul Public School and also for Para Meadows, a local school for students with disabilities. 

We have also demonstrated our robot at  the Science Space and  Early Start Children’s Discovery Museum. Planned workshops for the Wollongong Disability Trust and the PKYP had to be cancelled due to COVID-19 but we hope to reschedule these soon.

If you would like to support us through mentoring, sponsorship, or in some other way we would love to hear from you

Embers FRC Fees are $300 per year, per student if paid upfront or $100/term.

Term fees cover team registration, uniforms, robot parts and tools. Students also contribute to the cost of the program through volunteer mentoring, fundraising and additional costs such as travel, food and accommodation at events.

FRC is a year round acivity, with major events held in March and July. The build season happens primarily during the January school holidays with mentoring and fundraising happening all year long.