Embers Robotics

Home of Team 7583

We are building!

We have been busily building since the launch of this season’s FRC Season. The Elonera Embers Rookie season officially in full swing. Spending days 1-3 with Mentor Team 5985 Projecct Bucephalus we learned the game rules, did some early strategy and started working on our mechanism prototypes.

The drive base work commenced and our robot now has power! Considering we are starting from scratch we think this is a pretty good place to be.

We prepared for our first Holiday Robotics camp, aiming to make it the most fun and educational experience for students aged 6-9.

We get to move into our new home at the school this week and are looking forward to learning how to program the basic functions of the robot and to make our mechanisms come to life. The support from the FRC community has been amazing with teams from North America reaching out to assist and mentors from across Australia answering our noob questions.

As a small team each of us has many hats to wear and so much to learn, but we still have our energy up. We also now have a new logo! Thanks Josh, you really helped.

If you’d like to help out, with expertise, tools or much needed $ to fund tools and equipment we would love to hear from you.